I’m the owner of Racquet Exchange – your single resource for buying and selling used racquets for all sports: Badminton, Paddle Tennis,  Pickleball, Platform Tennis, Racquetball, Squash, Table Tennis and Tennis.


I developed Racquet Exchange because a handful of my friends were looking for a way to sell our old paddleball and pickleball racquets, and other friends, who were just starting out learning how to play pickleball, were looking to purchase used racquets. So Racquet Exchange was born.Racquet Exchange is clearly a labor of love nurtured by people who are passionate about racquet sports. Just give us a racquet and a ball and we’re happy. We live in a senior community in Delray Beach, Florida with squash courts, pickleball courts, paddle tennis courts, and tennis courts.

We start our mornings very early (especially in the summer when it’s ungodly hot and humid). Usually we’ll play paddle tennis or tennis for an hour then we’re off to the pickleball courts for another hour or two. Others start with squash then move onto another sport. We even have a Ping-Pong club that meets and plays two evenings a week. Wow! I’m tired just thinking about all the paddle games we play.

So if you play paddle sports and are looking to buy or sell a racquet you’ve come to the right place. Take a look around at our current listings. If you have a racquet you want to sell click here to start your listing. If you’re a buyer click here. Then get back out there on the courts. Drop me a line if you need me for anything. If you can’t find the brand you are looking for in the menu of brands let me know right away and I’ll add it.


Bob Savarbob@racquetexchange.com